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Discover 17,500+ COFFEE SHOPS from around the world.

  • Review your favorite coffee shops within the Roasters app

    Share your experiences and recommendations with the community.

  • Save your favorite coffee shops in the Roasters app

    Save and organize your go-to spots for easy access anytime, anywhere.

  • Save all your coffee shops visits and build your own coffee journey

    Save all your coffee shop visits and build your own coffee journey.

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From finding your next JOB opportunity to managing your coffee shop's profile, we've got you covered.

  • Explore job posting in the Roasters app

    Explore many great job postings and discover your next job opportunity.

  • Manage your coffee shop in the Roasters app

    Update your shop's information, add photos, and showcase your menu with just a few taps.

  • Engage with your clients

    Respond to customer reviews and engage with your audience to build stronger relationships.

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What our members say

I love coffee and am always looking for places which are excited about coffee taste and the different nuances, flavours and aromas along with the cosy atmospheres in cafes. This app is a blessing in the sky after moving from London to Portugal. Thank you for creating this app.


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Compare the results of ‘coffee shop’ on google maps with the results of this app. You’ll see that Roasters goes off the beaten path to find the best shops serving real coffee. Super useful to see reviews by other coffee lovers to avoid bad brews when in a new city, and instantly find the gems.

Johann Wolfgang
von Goethe

I use this app everywhere and anywhere that I travel. Out of the dozens of cafés I've found using it, not a single one has been disappointing. I'd say this app is an essential for anyone into specialty coffee - it's helped me discover some fantastic new coffees from around the world!

Aaron Traynor

While at dinner in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA this week, I sat wondering where I would get my specialty coffee tomorrow morning! I paused, then realized will have the answer for me. Voila! Two blocks from my hotel was Mohala Roasters. I had my answer and could not wait to wake up to try a new cold brew at Mohala!


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Roasters app testimonial arrow
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