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Why Working in a Cafe is Crucial Before Starting Your Own Specialty Coffee Shop

Gain insights into why working in a cafe is essential for starting a successful coffee shop, even without prior experience. Learn the benefits and debunk common excuses for not doing so.

If you're dreaming of owning a coffee shop, it's essential to get some experience in the coffee industry first. The reality of running a coffee shop is different from the perception, and it involves many tasks beyond just making coffee. From cleaning toilets to fixing sockets and plumbing sinks, you'll need to undertake a wide range of tasks.

Even if you have no prior experience in food and drink, don't be discouraged. Working in a cafe or restaurant is an excellent way to gain experience and knowledge of the industry. In fact, it's the most crucial decision you can make when starting a business in coffee.

Excuses such as "I am unable to afford a decrease in salary," "I'm too old to gain experience", "I'll rely on experienced staff" or "I'm not interested in working in the industry" are all unfounded.

If you eventually open your own coffee shop, you're likely not earning anything while facing the learning curve of running a business. Therefore, it makes sense to learn from someone else without the pressures associated with running your own business.

Hiring people who know the industry is possible, but it's more difficult with a small budget. Finding passionate staff who will work for low pay can be challenging. It's easier to train, motivate, and work with your staff if you have the experience and skill set yourself.

Age is not a factor when it comes to working in a cafe. Many successful coffee shop owners started in their mid-thirties and had no prior experience in the industry. If you don't like the idea of working in the hospitality industry, then why are you opening a coffee shop? It's a serious question to ask yourself.

Running a coffee shop is not an easy task, and many businesses fail despite having more experience, talent, money, and skill than you or me. However, getting experience will give you a better chance of success. You'll learn a lot from working in a cafe, such as organization, planning for every eventuality, and small tricks and techniques that will help you run your business.

In conclusion, procrastination won't get you anywhere. Working in a cafe will force you to take action positively and help you gain invaluable experience and knowledge of the coffee industry. So, if you're serious about starting your own coffee shop, take the plunge and start working in a cafe today!

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