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Are you planning a trip to Lisbon and looking for the best specialty coffee shops to visit? Look no further! Lisbon's specialty coffee scene has been steadily growing over the years, and the city now boasts a vibrant coffee culture with numerous specialty coffee shops to explore. In this guide, we'll introduce you to some of the best specialty coffee shops in Lisbon, where you can enjoy delicious coffee made with care and passion. From trendy cafes to cozy hidden gems, there's a coffee shop for every taste and preference. So, grab your coffee mug and let's start exploring Lisbon's specialty coffee scene!


Rua de S. Paulo 256 a 258, 1200-430 Lisboa

Baoba is a specialty coffee roasters and shop located in Lisbon, Portugal. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality coffee experience possible and source their beans from their top-quality coffee farm in Brazil. They roast their coffee in-house, ensuring that each batch is carefully crafted to bring out the unique flavors and aromas of the beans.

Baoba's specialty coffee from Brazil is particularly noteworthy, as it comes directly from their own farm and is roasted to perfection. Whether you're looking for a rich and flavorful espresso or a smooth and creamy latte, Baoba is the perfect destination for coffee lovers in Lisbon.


R. Maria 66B, 1170-213 Lisboa

Malabarista is a unique specialty coffee shop in Lisbon with an interesting backstory. Founded by Jadwiga and Ricardo, the shop was born out of a wedding that evolved into a shared passion for coffee. The couple, both former baristas at different cafes, decided to join forces and create a space of their own.

Malabarista is more than just a coffee shop - it offers a welcoming atmosphere where people and pets are always welcome. The focus is on serving high-quality coffee using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

The shop is known for its delicious cakes, adding to the cozy and inviting ambiance. Whether you're looking for a quick coffee break or a relaxing spot to unwind, Malabarista is a must-visit destination for coffee lovers in Lisbon.


R. da Alegria 41E, 1250-006 Lisboa

Dramático is a specialty coffee shop located in the heart of Lisbon that boasts a unique and minimalist design, perfect for those seeking a relaxing and comfortable environment. As you step inside the shop, you'll be welcomed by a serene atmosphere, with white walls and minimalist decor that gives it a sleek and modern feel.

Dramático is known for serving some of the best coffee in Lisbon, with a focus on sourcing beans from LaCabra, a well-respected coffee roaster. The coffee is expertly brewed by highly a skilled barista, resulting in a rich and complex flavor that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

In addition to great coffee, Dramático also offers an impressive selection of magazines that cover a wide range of topics, from fashion to travel, art, and culture. Whether you're looking to catch up on the latest news or simply want to unwind with a good read, the coffee shop has something for everyone.


R. do Poço dos Negros 168, 1200-267 Lisboa

Buna is a specialty coffee shop located in the vibrant city of Lisbon, offering an experience that's a cut above the rest. This unique establishment not only serves up specialty coffee, but also delicious food and craft beer, making it a go-to spot for anyone looking to enjoy a great meal and a quality drink.

The coffee at Buna is nothing short of exceptional, with beans sourced from some of the world's most highly regarded coffee roasters. Expertly brewed by skilled baristas, each cup is a true masterpiece, with rich and complex flavors that are sure to delight your taste buds.

In conclusion, Lisbon's specialty coffee scene has come a long way in recent years, and it now offers an exciting range of cafes for coffee lovers to discover. Whether you're a connoisseur looking for the perfect pour-over or simply seeking a cozy spot to enjoy a cappuccino, there's something for everyone in this vibrant and growing coffee culture. So, if you're planning a trip to Lisbon, be sure to add some of these specialty coffee shops to your itinerary and experience the unique flavors and atmosphere of this thriving coffee scene.

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