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Cold Brew

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The first instance of Cold Brew was in 17th century in Japan. Your practicality and freshness made its popularity around the round. References reveal that on 18th century the drink was already enjoyed in Latin America, Asia and Europe, but your glamour just came in 2000.

Catching people for your freshness, Cold Brew got the shelves of the most fancy and cool specialty coffee shops around the world – have Cold Brew in the menu is a must! Specially in the hot days.

A good alternative instead of the traditional hot coffee, the drink that need to be prepared up 24hours in advance provide a smoother, sweeter, and less acidic taste.

The recipes has your variations, but basically is leave the coffee extracting in the water for at least 24hours, filter, serving with ice and offer to your clients with all your love: here is your Cold Brew!

Of course, Cold Brew also has your taste differences, and make the consistency a challenge. All the aspects that we already know – water, size of the grinder, roasted date, cooler of the roaster bean, time extracting – can interfere on the taste. Also, you can find some adaptations of the drink with lemon, orange and cinnamon flavor. The most popular adaptation you can find in Thailand: cold brew, condensate milk and ice – it’s a bomb!

Your taste, convenience – give the opportunity to storage bottles at home or order to take away – and your “premium size” - enjoyable drink during the day - offer to the millenniums all the experience that they look forward and make than love.

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