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More than a coffee

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

More than a drink, more than a bean: coffee means connection.

Have you already thought how many people consume coffee in the world? In different ways to prepare and many different combinations.

Coffee is known as a daily drink, but for me, coffee can be recognized being much more than this. Coffee means share ideas, do a break and make connections.

How many times did you invite a friend for a coffee¿ How many times was you was on the way to the work and stopped by to “get your fix” and guarantee you caffeine of the day¿ How many people become part of your life after sharing a coffee? Be 5 minutes for a break during the work or one hour talking inside a coffee shop; coffee is always present in our daily routine.

Based on the October Monthly Report 2019 from Cecafé (Conselho dos Exportadores de Café do Brasil), in the last year, the register was of 168 million of bags of 60kg were produced. Being Europe on the TOP 1 of countries that more consume coffee in the world.

And how different ways of preparation can be done? Turkish way, V60, espresso … we have so many options that it’s almost impossible get tired of. I love to say that: “filter for morning, espresso after lunch – it’s the caffeine rule of the day”.

Each culture has your own preparation method and your own way to interact with the drink. It can be with cinnamon, milk, condensate milk, or nothing; hot or cold; filter or espresso. Does not matter which kind of preparation you like, in the end is everyone sharing the same passion: coffee.

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