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Welcome to the Barista World!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The first time that I saw a coffee espresso machine I thought: “Yes, just press the button and: voilá.”

I didn’t have any idea about how so many aspects can affect the coffee taste: grind size, water temperature, PSD of the water, environment temperature, time, pressure, amount of grams in and out for extraction. At the end of the first days working as barista I was: "WHAT THE HEAL I AM DOING?!"

And when people ordered milk beverage?! OMG! It was my nightmare.

Taking the decision to change my marketing career to become a Barista was not easy at all. First, I had to deal with social prejudgment – “Oh! You are here working as Barista, but what else?” . Second, it’s exhaustive to spend the whole day standing, preparing, delivering and being the psychologist – most of the people go to coffee shops to talk, and talk. Third, when I realized all the complexly behind coffee make me feel weak, desperate and think about giving up. But every day that I study and learn more, my passion to deliver the best coffee that I can just grow up.

But it means follow a dream. Imagine spend all the day in my favorite place : coffee shops - delivering the drink that I most like in the world and creating connections – seems to be the dream job.

Honestly, still is. Being able to connect myself with so many different people, cultures, deliver energy, force and in the same time calm, make me day by day, want more and more.

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