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Third Wave Coffee

Have you already listened about “Third Wave Coffee”? What does this exactly mean and what came before to be third?

So, a quick history: in the 6th century, coffee consumption grew and became accessible, marking the 1st wave. Due the big market willing for coffee, big companies started investing in the most crazy coffee combination drinks that you could imagine. Then big companies as Starbucks and Caribou launched thousands of coffee shops around US. The emphasis wasn’t really on the coffee, but the creative drink, the mood lighting, and friendly baristas was the meaning of the 2nd wave: turn the necessity in a luxury.

And here we are on the 3rd wave. There’s a lot of ways to define this century and, actually, some which even contradict each other. But something that we cannot deny is all the 3rd wave Coffee Shops look for quality and appreciating.

When get in a 3rd wave Coffee Shop, hou can easily get lost – it’s true - finding different kind of extraction methods (V60, Aeropress, BatchBrew, Espresso …) and coffee beans from all over the world.

The Baristas are the last position in the chain, whom are uncharged to sharing the story behind a cup: talk with the customers, explain about the coffee origins, the different kind of methods, flavors and notes – if you are a Barista, big chances do you agree with me as that is nothing more pleasant of sharing with a customer their own taste notes after brewimg a coffee cup.

3rd wave workers highly understand the importance of all the actors of the coffee process (farmers, producers, importers, roasters and baristas), care about and select the best products – not just high quality coffee beans, I am also talking about “simple things” as the quality of the water – and they highly want to enhance their final product. That makes them more expensive, as well.

We can define that the 3rd wave is mostly about education, knowledge and customer service. It’s about a mindset loving the guest in all things - share a passion! More than a drink, more than a bean: coffee means connection.

To know more about the history, here is an animated artfully tackles the history of the first and second coffee waves : "How We Got To Third Wave Coffee" from EATER.

Coffee is known as a daily drink, but for me, coffee can be recognized being much more than this. Coffee means sharing ideas, having a break and makin connections – Chandra Melo.

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